FreebordCommunity.com is the place on the internet where Freeborders from all over the world join together and talk about Freebording.

In the old times, 2005, we had the Freebord Forum. It was an old school style vBulletin forum. YouTube wasn’t really a thing, Photobucket sucked and no way Freebord was paying to host our pre-meme shit posting. We all used Photobucket and had to use codes for every image we wanted to post. <img src=”PIC.jpg”> Video was even more involved, we put .wmv files on putfile and some other service I can’t remember the name of and would post the link on the forum. For people to watch the video they needed to right click on the link and “save target as” to download it. At some point the ability to use an embed code, to have the video play on the forum in a wmv player, came around. After the Nth hosting company bankrupted many of us bought our own websites. Truly awful things that we primarily used as a place to safely upload our videos. Mike Hoppe’s ScrubProductions.com lead the way, soon after HollisterCrew.com, FreebordWA.com, and Flatspotfilms.com were all running. Many of the lifers still with us today remember these times and made friends on those forums that we will have for the rest of our lives. Freebord or not, they mattered.

Freebord Forum from 2006
Screen grab from the Freebord Forum in 2006

By 2010 or 2011 MySpace was on the way out and Facebook came in, we already formed a community on the forum and didn’t need it to stay in contact with each other. By 2012 the forums were outdated and dying. The new kids coming in didn’t want, look for, or use old school forums. The forum went on and off line from 2013 till it finally was lost server and all in 2018 with only 3 riders still regularly using it.

The FREEBORD Facebook group, created in 2011, was the Freebord community’s new defacto home. While it never was as tight nit as the forum we developed a large user base and content sharing was easy as pie, it also cost Freebord zero money. At some point along the way people forgot how to use Facebook and only interacted with the group if it showed up on there timeline. The unorganized chaos of Facebook is great for killing time but finding relevant content became harder and harder the easier it got to shitpost. Good content was a 5 min scroll down the page by the next day. Facebook increasingly became a more toxic and more public place, your mom signed up, your boss signed up, the employer from your future signed up. It became better to not actually interact. Interaction it was a liability to your real life, the one outside of Freebording.

For years we have needed a place that could give us the same out of sight place that the forums gave us. A place us Freeborders could exist as Freeborders. It needed to be usable for old heads, and 14 year old day one riders. It had to be stable and still fit into the current digital future world that we live in. It also needed to be cheap.

Enter FreebordCommunity.com, a work in progress, our new online home. We have modern mobile friendly forums, member profiles, notifications, @mentions, a messenger, easy to post content from every major platform, and hopefully soon a map showing hills, spots, and rider locations from all over the world.

We are as happy to be here as we are to have you with us.

-Post less, ride more
Freebord MFG