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[Sticky] BUY & SELL - Rules and Cautions  

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  1. Sellers must identify their location and locations they will ship to in original ad post.
  2. Sellers must ask for a price, or at a minimum price range, "make an offer" posts will be deleted.
  3. Sellers should update the listing after the item is sold
  4. Do not post any personal details in the forum. Use email, Facebook, or the on site messaging app. If we see your address or your PayPal email we are going to delete it.
  5. No commercial sales or advertising. This forum is for p2p selling of freeboarding related items. 




  1. People suck, expect it.
  2. Never send cash.
  3. Never send money via PayPal "friends and family", it completely voids your right to make a PayPal claim.
  4. Talk about shipping cost before paying or shipping.





  • Transactions on this user Forum are entered into at your own risk.
  • Freebord/FreebordCommunity will not mediate any sales. If you find your self in a problem, its your problem.
  • Freebord/FreebordCommunity has no involvement in the actual transaction(s) between buyer and seller.
  • Freebord/FreebordCommunity does not have control over the quality or legality of items advertised, the truth or accuracy of the listings, the ability of sellers to actually sell items they list, or the ability of buyers to actually buy items, or any part whatsoever of the transaction process before, during, or after said transaction.
Posted : June 18, 2020 7:42 pm