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The last 5 Freebord G3-R completes  

60 Shreds

I ran out of money so I am selling my last new Freebord G3-R completes. There are 5 left.

I planned to keep them as long as possible for myself and sell them on the road to secure some gas money but with the current situation I am not sure anymore. The Freebords are brand new and never been used. The Decks are still in the original plastic and Bindings come in the original Freebord Box. I might find some oldskool  shirts and various old Stickers to throw in there as well.

Freebord Complete Bamboo Ignition RedCenters DaBlues Zoom  42532.1420582896.1280.1280
Freebord Primal ProComplete RedCenters  19612.1433547863.1280.1280
Freebord Store Mountaineer CompleteDaBlues3  78891.1450210927.1280.1280
573 zoom 1524697200
Freebord Complete Bamboo Blonde RedCenters DaBlues Zoom  04144.1420583295.1280.1280
Freebord Complete Bamboo Chaos RedCenters DaBlues Zoom  51070.1420584307.1280.1280


Decks to choose from:

Blank maple 80cm | 83cm | 85cm |

Mr Blond maple 77cm | 83cm | 85cm |

Chaos maple 75cm | 77cm | 80cm | 83cm | 85cm |

Ignition maple 80cm | 85cm |

Mountaineer maple 80cm | 85cm |

Night Wolf maple 83cm |

Totem bamboo 83cm | 85cm |

Primal bamboo 80cm | 83cm | 85cm |

Path bamboo 80cm | 83cm | 85cm |

Panboo bamboo 75cm | 85cm |

Black bamboo 75cm



With Monkeys or Greens / 319 EUR

With DaBlues / +10 EUR

With bamboo deck / +10 EUR

You can choose an additional maple Deck for free!

Prices are without shipping and will be added. If you live in the EU taxes are included, if not you might have to deal with customs. I will ship out of Spain and prefer to ship within Europe but if really necessary I ship worldwide. This is a private sale, money up front via Bank transfer or PayPal (+2,5% fees) and no refunds.

Let me know if you have any questions!


Posted : July 15, 2020 3:05 pm
80 Shreds

Make sure Coty knows about this, she might be able to help you sell these

Posted : July 19, 2020 11:11 pm
Johnny liked
60 Shreds

Sold one to someone here in Galicia who has an old alpha, but never got into freebording...classic!! Anyways, during the corona he actually stared again but he strongly needed a new one with real centers etc.  😀 But I found 2 more trucks, so there are still 5 available.

Posted : July 20, 2020 2:06 pm