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flisms favorite mods:

Rubber (1/16 -1/8 inch) pads between bases and deck, and rubber washers topped with stainless steel washers below base nuts. (not sure of exact size) These two things (along with bearing spacers) make the ride so smooth. no noise, landing jumps sounds solid...etc.  Would never go back to not doing these things. Will do the same on FB 5 and 5-X. 

Speaking of bearing spacers, Heady Shake (and likely other companies) have bearings with the spacers built in/on.  They seems to work out better than separate spacers, and the bearings are great. Smoother sound and roll than I ever got with speedballs or any of the few other bearings I've tried. 

Bout half inch rubber fuel line, sliced longways and wrapped on nose and tail as a bumper. Keeps deck looking pretty (IMO) Been doing that a long time, and recently saw a few companies selling something similar to protect deck ends. 

2-4 (depending on the hanger) speed washers stacked between wheel and hanger for a tiny bit of extra width. I think it helps tall riders a bit to have that extra edge width. 

Thick stainless washer between hanger nut and bushing washer. Keeps bushing washer from bending out of shape.  Small amount of Vaseline on top and bottom surfaces of both bushings. No more squeaky bushing, super smooth transition from side to side and hanger never sticks on either side. 

I hate to say this, but summer board hanger covers/pads are nice. They don't fit perfect, but good enough and hooks are always cozy now, can wear almost any shoe to ride. 

Last but not least, all orange everything.  Orange wheels, orange grip tape, orange anything and everything is always better. 

Posted : July 23, 2020 2:22 am
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Same with the rubber, I use rubber roofing material for under trucks, No need for nose/tail guard, as in 6 years I have yet to damage either, and I've been through 5 decks. Still pissed off about Jim pol asking if I have any speedwashers, then using my whole pack on a trip in greece to do what you mentioned above. He put like 2 speedwashers behind each wheel, and when I lost one later that month I didn't have a replacement cuz hes a straight dick yo. Personally imo if you wanna add width to the wheel base use side set wheels like privs. like the washer idea for kingpin, but Otherboard washers I have so may have to try that on the new freebords bigger bushings. I use beeswax not vaseline, mostly cuz I used it all jerking off, and b the vaseline attracts dirt. I never cared for covers on bindings, I wear heavily cushioned skate shoes like Adio, here in the USA they are easy to find. That being said I really like the look of binding covers and will probably buy a sewing machine to make my own soon for other people cuz they are easy to make imo. On another note I used to actually use leiftech hooks and plates on my freebord untill I snapped both toppers during one trip to utah, those things are stiffer, but also break. I've never had a freebord topper break. As for orange everything, bet that looks cool, but I use the green bushings and prefer privs, so untill they make hard bushings orange, and privs as well, im SOL. Thanks for the post I enjoyed comparing notes friend!! Great minds think alike.

Posted : July 23, 2020 11:46 am
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Great info, gonna try the rubber under the truck. Same as my normal skateboard, ride dampening and helps prevent stress cracks.

I like on the new 5 you should be able to use skateboard truck risers under the castor wheel mount, as your center wheels wear way down, and you have it on the last hole, but not enough rocker anymore, throw 1/8 or 1/4 riser to extend the whole castor itself out and prolong the life of your center wheel.

Posted : July 29, 2020 2:52 am
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