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Freebord Dreams (Freebord Heaven?)  

66 Shreds

It's been awhile since I had a Freebord dream, but it happened last night, so I've Ive come here to put it down on paper, and for the sake of starting this thread as I know it existed in the past. 


I was riding Potrero Hill area with a familiar crew, Bently, Russ, Mike .. and a few others that are blurry in my memory. We were stopped at the Vermont intersection where the park is. Bently says "come this way" and leads me to a set of stairs that in reality do not exist, which I was aware of in the dream and hesitated, thinking where the hell is he going, these stairs don't exists. DRC was at the stairs saying "hey come this way". The stairs went down, though at some point during the hike down, they magically switched to going up. I was carrying my bord, a backpack and something else I cant remember....while going up I start seeing freebords lining the sides of the stairs, hooked on to the railing. They were awesome, all shapes, sizes, colors. Dozens of them.  I accidentally bumped into one causing it to fall which lead to a frantic attempt to stand it back up out of respect as I didn't know whose bord it was. Soon, I was coming up behind other riders going up, and some coming down. All familiar faces, all looking happy. There was something happening at the top of the stairs I could tell. When I got to the top it was like a culdesac (sp?), and indeed there was some sort of freebord party or super ride. Riders by the dozens everywhere, many of them familiar.  There was a hill on the left of me and it was an epic one. It resembled Warren Dr, here in SF, but BETTER!  Eager to drop in I was redirected by (I think) DRC to come to the other side of the culdesac (sp?) where an even greater hill was.  So great I dont even know what it looked like, but it was awesome and everyone was dropping in there (or just coming back up) and I scrambled to do the same. But thats when I realized I wasnt holding my bord anymore, just the backpack and unknown other thing. I panicked thinking, where the hell did it go!? Did I leave it at the bottom of the down/up stairs!? So I ran back heading down the stairs looking at all the bords the along the sides to see if I had left mine....but there were so many and none looked like mine. And at that point the stairs seemed to become somewhat endless, or at least a lot longer then they were on the way up. At one point thinking I had reached the bottom, but then seeing that the stairs did actually now turn and go up I was a bit overwhelmed and the dream started to dissolve a bit, and Im pretty sure thats where it ended. 


SO, what did it all mean. Was it freebord heaven!? heh...

I haven't been freebording much recently as I always tend to start saving my body for snowboarding around this time of year. Maybe just a reminder to grab my bord and go ride?


Got any Freebord dreams?

Posted : December 10, 2020 7:16 pm