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***Important*** How to post a VIDEO or PICTURE the proper way.  

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Some of you have noticed there is a Wall that is similar to facebook and instagram, you can access this community wall by clicking on the Freebordcommunity logo at the top left of the website.

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Alternatively you may enter  in your browser to access this community wall/activity stream.


If you post to the community wall it will be lost in time at some point down the road. So if you want your video or picture to be saved in your RIDER PROFILE, and also on the PICTURES/VIDEOS PAGE You need to enter the video or pic in your Riders Profile Page.

To access your riders profile wall click on your name or picture at the top right of the site.

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 Once inside your profile on the wall there is a box "say whats on your mind".... enter the link to the video and choose video from the drop down, or choose picture and upload or link to the picture you would like to post.

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Currently you can only upload pictures. When you post to your personal wall it also shows up on the community wall as well, the difference is it will catalog the video/pic in your profile for future viewing. Hope this helps Don't hesitate to PM me for more clarification!

Posted : July 20, 2020 10:39 pm