KFC East Coast Freebord Hyner PA

Freebord Camping Trip Hyner PA

Several of us shuttling in my Ford E350 Van, up the mountain.

The weather was warm and dry, perfect for a freebord camping trip. Nested up two thousand feet above sea level in the Bucktail State Park Natural Area, surrounded by the Sproul State Forest. Friday afternoon in early June we already had about half the crew show up, including friends and loved ones. With 9 of us hungry to start freebording, and about 7 more on the way, we decided to hop in the KFC Dethbox, My 2000 Ford E350 utility van, and head to the top of Hyner View Rd., before the others arrive. At the top of the mountain hang gliders were taking the plunge from the peak of the mountain into the awesome view that spread out for many miles in all directions, overlooking the Susquehanna Valley. The river Looks like a stream at 2000 feet.

Freebord Wreck
Ben took a hard fall as Joel caught it all on the drones camera.

We Bombed the hill a couple times and to our disappointment the park ranger approached us in his SUV. He tells us that we better leave the road before the cops arrive, and after a half hour talking to him, he doesn’t budge at all. Although this is just one of the many excellent hills to hit, two of which bottom out at the campsite, it was very disappointing and threatened to ruin our day or possibly weekend. Keep in mind we’ve been freebording here at Hyner for years now and they were totally cool with it. It seems this was the only ranger who had a problem. We tightened our resolve and sent out scouts to a new hill we located a half hour away that looked very promising. Turned out to be one sick ass hill, and went there pretty much all day saturday, and then came back to hit Hyner Run Rd. Which is also right next to camp.

Drone shot of one of the 4 campsites we reserved for about 20 guests.

Joel brought all his drones, and he flew them from the follow truck with goggles. His drone flying skills are really something to behold, and he got some really great shots. His edit turned out extremely great and he did it in record time, it took him 2 days. It was a fantastic weekend for KFC and East Coast Freebord. During the Covid 19 outbreak we managed to stay safe with 16 freeborders from 6 states, and not one got sick or injured. Elijah and Alec were leading the pack with blazing speed and Andrew Kunkel made it for once. Ben’s injuries finally healed and Evan drove from Albany. Justin and Smitty came from Ohio, and Carlos from Maryland. Jason took a break from building his house to come enjoy the weekend with friends. The women and children had a great time, and those that didn’t make it really missed out on some fun times.

Watch the drone edit below!

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